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The pharmaceutical and biotech industry continues to flourish in the changing landscape of healthcare. Whether you focus on the discovery, development or manufacturing of drugs and medications we can connect you with leaders in your field to define best practices.

Upcoming Pharmaceutical Conferences

Speaker Interview with Colleen Tully: Post-Covid Technological Innovation

It is no secret that the pandemic has forced some rapid changes in both how technology is used and the limits technology can reach. The industry has seen the quick advancement of at-home wearable technology to aid in healthcare, to the refinement in telehealth, to the wide-spread embrace of technology in favor of face to face communications.

Preparing Your Team for the EUDAMED Database

All EOs must create and maintain a database of UDIs for class III implantables, and for any devices to be detailed in Implementing Acts. User Facilities must maintain the same information of these 2 crucial product areas (A 27)

Determining Digitization Success

Dustin Johnson of Avanos Medical is one of many expert presenters participating in the upcoming Q1 Productions Life Science Digital Transformation Conference.

Achieving Supply Chain Technology Interoperability

The Q1 Productions Pharma Supply Chain Conference is designed to serve as a road map to the technological innovations designed to automate a significant amount of the complexity out of supply chain operations.

Meeting Diverse Health Needs Online

As greater emphasis than ever is being placed on the interplay between diet and personal health, modern consumers are seeking out food and beverage options that align with both personal health preferences and crucial medical needs.

An Interview with Markus Ott

Markus Ott from Roche Diagnostics will join Q1 Productions at the 9th Annual EU Medical Device & Diagnostic Reimbursement & Market Access Conference taking place on March 24-25 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Behind the Scenes: The On-Site Experience

The most pivotal moment for any conference comes at the very end – the on-site experience during our conference program, which is the culmination of all the work done during research, development and speaker recruitment, along with the collaboration with our program faculty and sponsor organizations.

An Interview with Emilie Labud

Emilie Labud will join Q1 Productions from Zimmer Biomet as a distinguished presenter at the Medical Device Clinical Training and Education Conference in San Diego, CA.

An Interview With Donna Carlson

Donna Carlson, Principal Software Quality Engineer at Medtronic (Louisville, Colorado), is a featured speaker presenting at the inaugural Medical Device Software Engineering Conference. The event takes place on February 25-26 in San Diego, CA, where several industry...

Speaker Highlight: IVD Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Julien Senac, PhDGlobal Director - IVD Focus TeamTUV SUD     Karin Hughes, PhDVice President Clinical & Regulatory StrategyAstute Medical    Dr. Julien Senac is currently Global Director of the IVD Focus Team at TÜV SÜD. Prior to this, he has...

Examining the Status of PLA Coding

Tami York Powell, Senior Vice President at Exagen will present at the upcoming Diagnostic Coverage & Reimbursement Conference in San Diego, CA on February 11-12, 2020.

Behind the Scenes: Recruiting Speakers

Q1 Productions enlists thought leaders to contribute valuable insights and best practices on industry concerns to bring the topics and conference to life.

Latest News from our Pharmaceutical Blog

Proactively Developing Sales Leaders

Q1 Productions conferences are designed to bring together leaders that contribute valuable insights and best practices on industry concerns.

The Evolution of Regulatory Intelligence Teams

Linda Bowen is presenting at this year’s 2nd Annual Life Science Regulatory Intelligence, Strategy & Execution Conference.

Navigating Health Authorities in CMC

The 5th Annual Global Regulatory Affairs CMC Conference dives deep into challenges CMC teams are facing and provides networking opportunities to benchmark and workshop with peers.

Pharmaceutical R&D and Digital Transformation

Ülo Palm is one of many experts presenting at the inaugural Pharmaceutical & Biotech Digital Transformation Conference.

Managing Changing Global CMC Filing Strategies

Melissa Mertzman a distinguished presenter at Q1’s 5th Annual Global Regulatory Affairs CMC Conference this October with ample experience in global filing control strategies.

How to Optimize Digital Transformation Efforts

Extensive research and development of the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Digital Transformation Conference , highlights how digital transformation is taking place across all areas of enterprise within small and large pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.

Mapping KOL Relationships

Q1’s 4th Annual Pharma & Biotech Medical Affairs Pre-Launch Strategies Conference taking place on April 29-30 features a mix of industry perspectives from experts, including Daniel Snyder of Revance Therapeutics, Inc.

Bite-Sized Training Deliverables

Michael Sullivan, an expert in sales training, is presenting at Q1 Production’s 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training Conference in March.

Find What Works For You

Technology is always changing. From new cell phones that help you connect to rockets that go out in to the universe. Technology empowers people to be innovative and create the best results. Stability testing is no different

Data Integrity While Building Stability Testing Program

Many industries require discretion and integrity. Stability testing is no different. One of the hottest topics in the stability industry is data integrity. Although this is not a new concept, new guidances have been put in place from the FDA. Data integrity is the...