Achieving Supply Chain Technology Interoperability

by Mar 19, 2020Speaker Interview

The Q1 Productions Pharma Supply Chain Conference is designed to serve as a road map to the technological innovations designed to automate a significant amount of the complexity out of supply chain operations. Hear from experts on current challenges and best practices, including the session ”Achieving Supply Chain Technology Interoperability” from Dave Malenfant. Preview the presentation below.


Can you please describe your job title and what that entails?


I am Director of Outreach and Partnerships, Center for Supply Chain Innovation at Neeley school of Business, TCU. We are the “Nexus” between business, faculty and the students. I build partnerships with industry that will drive new research and provide opportunities for students for internships and full-time jobs. I continue to ensure new, innovative ideas and solutions are brought to the attention of faculty and students.


Can you summarize your presentation?


The digitization of business is based upon people, processes and technology. The need for total visibility is driving the need for our technology to be more connected throughout the supply chain in order to enable people to make good decisions. Quite often, technology is implemented in silos making it even more difficult. This presentation will talk about the various technologies and the need for more digitization in the supply chain. We will talk about the various innovative technologies that are evolving and how they can be used in the new digitally integrated supply chain.


What are some main takeaways you hope attendees learn from the presentation?


  1. There is an immediate need to understand the technologies and how they impact the supply chain
  2. Technology integration is collaborative and we cannot achieve a digital supply chain without it
  3. Understanding where you are in the technology gap leading to a digital supply chain


Why do you think supply chain professionals should attend the event?


Continued success is now determined by the “need for speed,” the need for total visibility by the patient. The lack of progress in building interoperability in technology is deterring our ability to achieve total success. With the continued pressure to reduce healthcare costs, especially in pharma, we must use the integrated digital supply chain as a competitive advantage. Those companies that embrace innovative technology will become the leaders of tomorrow.


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