Pharmaceutical R&D and Digital Transformation

by Oct 15, 2019Pharmaceutical

Ülo Palm is one of many experts presenting at the inaugural Pharmaceutical & Biotech Digital Transformation Conference. His presentation, “Digital Science & Pharmaceutical R&D: Opportunities & Pitfalls,” dives deep into pharmaceutical R&D and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Preview the session below.


Can you please describe your job title and what your position entails?

I am Senior Vice President and Head R&D Digital Science. I am leading the development and implementation of a digital science strategy for the Allergan R&D organization. The objective is to transform the way R&D operates through the strategic integration and application of breakthrough technologies like genomics, advanced analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


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Can you provide a summary of your presentation?

The presentation will provide a definition of “digital sciences” and discuss how these new methodologies and technologies are revolutionizing medicine. Several examples will be provided. It will then focus on the opportunities digital sciences have opened up for medical research and drug development. As there is a lot of hype in the AI space, some common concepts of AI and what AI can and cannot do are described. Guidance is provided on how to avoid some pitfalls.



What are some key takeaways you hope attendees gain from the sessions?

  • Digital sciences are changing the face of medicine and medical research
  • Pharmaceutical research professionals need to adapt to these changes if they want to stay relevant in their careers
  • AI and Machine Learning are powerful technologies, but not “rocket science”
  • The time to act is now and not some day in the future


Why do you think digital transformation teams should attend the conference?

In order to lead a successful digital transformation, teams need to know the scientific and technological trends in this space as they are discussed at the conference.


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