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The pharmaceutical and biotech industry continues to flourish in the changing landscape of healthcare. Whether you focus on the discovery, development, or manufacturing of drugs and medications- we can connect you with leaders in your field to define best practices.

Pharmaceutical Conferences

10th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training Conference

Continuously Optimizing Pharmaceutical Sales Training Content & Delivery to Meet Trainees’ Evolving Preferences, Providing Leadership Development Opportunities & Maximizing the Use of Learning Technologies for Enhanced Retention & ROI

March 25-26, 2020 | Chicago, IL

Pharmaceutical Risk Based Clinical Quality Assurance Conference

Developing Robust Clinical Trial Protocols through Standardization of Data Driven Risk Assessment Models, Adequate CRO Oversight & Proper Documentation Practices to Match Regulatory Expectations & Ensure Quality by Design throughout the Clinical Trial Process

April 23-24, 2020 | San Diego, CA

Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Conference

Aligning Supply Chains with DSCSA Traceability & Serialization Requirements, Navigating Volatility in Trade Policy and Tariff Impact and Utilization of Technology to Streamline Logistics, Operations and Heighten Transparency Across the Pharmaceutical Industry

April 29-30, 2020 | Atlanta, GA

2nd Annual Life Science Digital Transformation Conference

Optimizing Digital Transformation Initiatives to Reach Defined Objectives, Effectively Engaging with Stakeholders to Lead an Organization-Wide Cultural Shift, all while Focusing Digitalization Efforts on Greater Consumer Data Collection & Processing Capabilities

May 19-20, 2020 | Chicago, IL

2nd Annual Combination Product Regulation Conference

Maintaining Compliance with Updated FDA Expectations and International Regulatory Requirements, while Collaborating throughout the Submission Process to Ensure Approval of Drug & Device Constituents, and Considerations for Post Market Reporting Requirements

June, 2020 | Arlington, VA

5th Annual Life Science Ethics and Compliance Training Conference

Reducing Compliance Risks through Effective Training Programs and Developing Specific Content Relevant to Each Internal Function and the Overall Organization, while Utilizing Available Resources to Design Innovative Courses in a Cost-Effective Manner

June 23-24, 2020 | Chicago, IL

3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Portfolio Strategy and Management Conference

Aligning Asset Strategy & Operational Management to Ensure a Balanced Portfolio of Strong Product Candidates which Complement Commercial Offerings and Support the Overall Corporate Strategy through Optimized Leverage of Resources and Strategic Decision Making Supported by High-Level Data Analytics

July 15-16, 2020 | Philadelphia, PA

7th Annual Customer Centric Medical Information Conference

Optimizing Medical Information Operations and Inquiry Responses through the Integration of AI and Automation Tools, Evolving the Standard Response Letter and Utilizing Data Analytics to Ensure Impactful Product Message Development

July, 2020 | Boston, MA

12th Annual Managed Markets & Account Management Strategies Conference

Securing Optimal Product Formulary Coverage to Ensure Uninterrupted Patient Access with a Thorough Comprehension of Current Drug Review Considerations, Impact of Prescribing Practices on Provider Considerations and Exploring the Effect of Potential Rebated Changes on the Market

September, 2020 | TBD

5th Annual Pharmaceutical Strategic Pricing Conference

Discussing Interpretations and Definitions for Value Based Pricing through Analysis of Forthcoming Rebate Restriction Regulations and International Price Indexing Models with an Emphasis on Transparency

September, 2020 | Philadelphia, PA

2nd Annual Pharmaceutical & Biotech Gross-to-Net Conference

Increasing Accuracy of Gross-to-Net Forecasts through High Quality Data, Use of Automation & Technology, Alongside Greater Partnerships with Internal & External Stakeholders, Creating Transparency & Precision in Calculating Accruals, Rebates and Ensuring Forecast Accuracy

October, 2020 | TBD

6th Annual Global Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs CMC Conference

Employing Comprehensive Product Lifecycle Management Strategies such as Continued Monitoring of ICH Standards and Regulatory Requirements through to Stringent Supply Chain Change Control Processes to Ensure Compliant Pre-Market and Postmarket CMC Operations

October, 2020 | Philadelphia, PA

5th Annual Dietary Supplement Regulatory Strategy Conference

Navigating Regulatory Compliance for Dietary Supplements through NDI Filling Procedures and Appropriate Claims Substantiation, Reviewing the Current Status of CBD Regulations, and Analyzing Consumer Trends Ensuring Safe and Effective Supplement Distribution

December, 2020 | Arlington, VA

Latest News from our Pharmaceutical Blog

The Evolution of Regulatory Intelligence Teams

Linda Bowen is presenting at this year’s 2nd Annual Life Science Regulatory Intelligence, Strategy & Execution Conference.

Navigating Health Authorities in CMC

The 5th Annual Global Regulatory Affairs CMC Conference dives deep into challenges CMC teams are facing and provides networking opportunities to benchmark and workshop with peers.

Pharmaceutical R&D and Digital Transformation

Ülo Palm is one of many experts presenting at the inaugural Pharmaceutical & Biotech Digital Transformation Conference.

Managing Changing Global CMC Filing Strategies

Melissa Mertzman a distinguished presenter at Q1’s 5th Annual Global Regulatory Affairs CMC Conference this October with ample experience in global filing control strategies.

How to Optimize Digital Transformation Efforts

Extensive research and development of the Pharmaceutical & Biotech Digital Transformation Conference , highlights how digital transformation is taking place across all areas of enterprise within small and large pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.

Mapping KOL Relationships

Q1’s 4th Annual Pharma & Biotech Medical Affairs Pre-Launch Strategies Conference taking place on April 29-30 features a mix of industry perspectives from experts, including Daniel Snyder of Revance Therapeutics, Inc.

Bite-Sized Training Deliverables

Michael Sullivan, an expert in sales training, is presenting at Q1 Production’s 9th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training Conference in March.

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In November 2016, ICH published an addendum to its guidelines for clinical practice, prompting pharmaceutical companies to align current clinical quality procedures with a risk-based monitoring approach.

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