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The pharmaceutical and biotech industry continues to flourish in the changing landscape of healthcare. Whether you focus on the discovery, development or manufacturing of drugs and medications we can connect you with leaders in your field to define best practices.

Upcoming Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Conferences

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has come a long way from botanicals to the first synthetic drugs. Today, it is responsible for discovering, developing, and producing drugs for medicinal use. It has created several treatments that help increase the life expectancy in humans. It also plays a major role in reducing the pain and suffering of ill individuals.

The pharmaceutical industry is a huge contributor to the world’s economy. As of 2020, it is estimated to be worth US$1.27 trillion world-wide and is responsible for millions of jobs across the globe. In the United States alone, it supports, directly and indirectly, approximately 4.7 million jobs related to scientific research, technical support, and manufacturing.

The industry’s research and development (R&D) investments are substantial. It is estimated that the pharmaceutical industry invests approximately 20 percent of its revenue on R&D. The US offers the pharmaceutical industry a supportive innovation environment through patent and data protection, a science-based regulatory system, and entities such as government and academic institutions that foster research and invest in biopharmaceutical innovation.

Q1 Productions offers the pharmaceutical industry both virtual and in-person, industry-related events for biopharmaceutical professionals. These events explore industry-related trends and developments with not only professional peers, but also regulators, notified bodies, legal teams and more. Attendees can collaborate, discuss, and interact with industry leaders and c-level executives. These events offer attendees an unparalleled event experience with smart, innovative technology, audio, visual, and interactive elements to make attendees’ experiences memorable and insightful.

Pharmaceutical companies play a huge role in helping patients and communities with potential cures and lifesaving treatments and Q1 Production strives to offer a platform where pharmaceutical professionals can find new ways to grow and innovate. Our programs are less broad than other pharmaceutical events and focus specific subjects, custom-tailored by industry professionals.

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