Attendee Story: Associate Director Regulatory Affairs, I-Mab Biopharma

Feb 20, 2020Attendee Story

Jacob Song HeadshotJacob Song
Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs
I-Mab Biopharma
Jacob attended the 1st Annual Regulatory Information Management Systems Conference.



What impressed you about this meeting?

I am very impressed by the breadth and depth of selected topics about RIMS, as well as the efforts made by the presenters for preparing the quality talks.


Was there a topic that stood out as particularly impactful for you? If so, what was it?

It benefits me most on a topic about how much time and budget usually needs to be considered when preparing and building RIMS, as well as how important IT plays its role and responsibilities during the process.


The small size of the program lends to a different level of sharing among the group. What was it about the layout of the workshop that was conducive to knowledge share and networking?

My over impression on this program was a little casual over formality, which is understandable and probably for best suitable for the attendee this time. For one and myself, as a new RIMS adapter, I would like to have more close and vivid interactions among different presenters and audiences instead of long presentations. So anyone can get more from the dialogues and small contributions to address certain specific questions from any of us. This is one big reason people can learn more from a conference as opposed to watching RIMS related videos from YouTube.


Would you attend this conference next year? If so, please detail a few of the reasons you enjoyed it and would come back.

The reasons will be the same above I mentioned if situation permits me to come next year.