Attendee Story: Senior Director Global Regulatory Affairs, Bausch Health

Feb 20, 2020Attendee Story

Libette LuceLibette Luce Headshot
Senior Director Global Regulatory Affairs
Bausch Health
Libette attended the 2nd Annual Life Science Regulatory Intelligence, Strategy & Execution Conference



What was the most valuable aspect of the program?

The most valuable aspect of the program was gaining perspective on the challenges of implementing a regulatory intelligence and policy infrastructure among a variety of different size companies. Every organization faces the same hurdles of obtaining dedicated resources to provide the level of regulatory intelligence and policy service to support the dynamics of the healthcare industry.


What impressed you about this meeting?

I was very impressed by the level of creativity (mostly by smaller companies without dedicated resources) by my peers to obtain regulatory intelligence & policy and how they provide information to their colleagues. I will definitely use some of the successful ideas my peers shared from smaller organizations, i.e. different ways to show regulatory intelligence, creating a dedicated email mailbox for all regulatory intelligence inquiries and using Google’s advanced search engine capabilities to define search parameters and feeds to pull information.


The small size of the program lends to a different level of sharing among the group. What was it about the layout of the workshop that was conducive to knowledge share and networking?

The smaller sized conference allowed for greater in depth conversations among the attendees. We could take the time to address everyone’s questions and concerns on the subject matter. Additionally, the breakout sessions with 8-10 persons was time well spent as we had opportunities to delve into expertise among peers and had the ability to foster professional relationships and network among the attendees. The smaller size conference and breakout groups took the nervous energy out of the conference and was much more personal and relaxing which I believe in that environment more ideas can be generated and discussed.


Would you attend this conference next year? If so, please detail a few of the reasons you enjoyed it and would come back.

I would definitely like to attend the conference next year. I enjoyed being a panelist and speaker in addition to seeing familiar faces from different companies. I see this conference as an invaluable learning tool to discuss the challenges and successes of the implementation of regulatory intelligence and policy in an organization as well as the applicability of the subject matter to regulatory strategy as a whole. I also like the mixture of individuals just beginning their careers in regulatory and those who are well seasoned which allows for in depth discussions on the subject matter from new ideas to tried and true ones. Q1 Productions continues to provide highly organized conferences that are very engaging to the audience, facilitating invaluable discussions among peers and thought leaders in the industry.