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Encore of 10th Annual

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Operations & Submissions Conference

December 1-2, 2021 | Virtual Event

Streamline compliant regulatory dossier submissions by navigating global guidances, technology & resource management

Program Overview

Engage in discussions with the FDA and learn how to fast-track your products to market with other industry executives and regulatory leaders at this pharmaceutical conference in October. Regulatory and submission publishing operations experts will share their experiences and knowledge on completing compliant regulatory dossiers to secure timely product approvals. You will also navigate the creation of submission dossiers and efficiencies in streamlining the dossier development process, including technology and AI integration, through resource management considerations.

Group discussions will cover global regulatory nuances, strategies surrounding ad/promo submissions and lessons learned from responding to submission rejections.

Main topics include:

  • FDA review of ECTD guidance & specification updates
  • Panel discussion on time-saving strategies to meet accelerated regulatory
  • Submission timelines
  • Superior performance through automation of workflow processes
  • Formatting promotional materials for electronic submission integration

Featured speakers include:

  • Jonathan Resnick, Division of Data Management Services & Solutions, Office of Business Informatics, CDER
  • Meghan Mendoza, MBA, RAC, Head, Global Regulatory Operations, Global Regulatory Affairs, AMGEN
  • David Ross, , Global Regulatory Operations Strategy & Change Mgmt., Clinical/Regulatory, Liaison, ASTRAZENECA
  • Sharon Lobo, Oncology Program Director, Regulatory Planning & Execution, MERCK

This program offers three half-day modules to maximize retention and engagement. Q1 Production’s premier event platform offers a refreshing and unparalleled virtual experience. Thoughtfully designed, customizable, networking features foster a sense of collaboration, discussion, allowing attendees to make direct connections.

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“Very useful to get your mind off of what only your company is doing and into other people’s experiences. This was my first Reg Ops/Subs conference and I want to attend the next one.”

Megan Murphy, Senior Regulatory Operations Specialist, Flexion Therapeutics

Distinguished Presenters Include:

Vishu Manegari
Senior Director, Regulatory Operations

Vada A. Perkins
Exec. Director, Reg Policy & Intelligence, Head, Regulatory Intelligence

David S. Ross
Director, RIM, Capability Global Regulatory Operations

The Q1 Productions Virtual Event Experience

“It exceeded my expectations! In my opinion, the true value of Q1 conferences is that they are small and allow for open and fluid discussion. That’s a rarity and it sets you apart from others. Plus, having an RI specific conference is wonderful!”

Kimberly Belsky, Senior Director, Regulatory Intelligence, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals

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