Preparing Your Team for the EUDAMED Database

All EOs must create and maintain a database of UDIs for class III implantables, and for any devices to be detailed in Implementing Acts. User Facilities must maintain the same information of these 2 crucial product areas (A 27)

Determining Digitization Success

Dustin Johnson of Avanos Medical is one of many expert presenters participating in the upcoming Q1 Productions Life Science Digital Transformation Conference.

Achieving Supply Chain Technology Interoperability

The Q1 Productions Pharma Supply Chain Conference is designed to serve as a road map to the technological innovations designed to automate a significant amount of the complexity out of supply chain operations.

Meeting Diverse Health Needs Online

As greater emphasis than ever is being placed on the interplay between diet and personal health, modern consumers are seeking out food and beverage options that align with both personal health preferences and crucial medical needs.

An Interview with Markus Ott

Markus Ott from Roche Diagnostics will join Q1 Productions at the 9th Annual EU Medical Device & Diagnostic Reimbursement & Market Access Conference taking place on March 24-25 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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