The life science industry continues to grow amid pricing pressures, new technologies, and new regulations. The changing landscape demands continued education in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnologies.

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Proactively Planning & Executing Successful Quality Inspections through Subject Matter Expert Training Excellence, Standard Procedures & Protocols to Ensure Optimal Data Integrity, and Comprehensive Education in Regulatory Authority Audit Expectations

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Executive Exchange and Dialogue for Small-to-Medium Life Science Enterprises, Fostering Mentorship, Collaboration and Driving Strategy for Sustainable Growth, High Level Corporate Management of Teams, Boards of Directors and Investors

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Life Science Leaders are Making a Splash in the Tech World

How Life Science Leaders are Making a Splash in the Tech World Executive leadership has been historically fraught with obstacles. No executives know this better than life science leaders. A consistently growing industry, pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device...
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Navigating the New Revenue Recognition Standard

Implementation In less than six months, the life science industry will be facing a financial crossroads. As the New Revenue Recognition Standard is implemented, companies will be choosing their integration method and revising many financial analyses of the past few...
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Ensuring Patient Access in the Trump Administration

Ensuring Patient Access in the Trump Administration During times of legislative changes, patients are often left to wonder how they and their care will be impacted. Advocacy experts must take this opportunity to guide patients through a transitional period while...
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Spending & Accountability Tips from Life Science Executives

Spending & Accountability Tips from Life Science Executives   Industry and regulatory uncertainty are forcing financial executives to reestablish company spending goals while instilling strong accountability benchmarks. Connecting with executives across the...
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Has the Cloud Changed Healthcare Forever

Has the Cloud Changed Healthcare Forever? Security experts across the life sciences are facing new challenges each year. The transition to the cloud has introduced global and intangible resources to the industry. Utilizing cloud functions has created many...
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Medical Information: A Patient’s Case Study

The What, Why, and How of Medical Information   In a recent Q1 Productions survey, patients and caregivers shared their thoughts about medical and disease information. The preferred vehicles of information, trusted sources, and unaddressed needs were answered by...
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A Recap of the CFO Strategic Governance Forum in Philadelphia

Uncertainty & Value: the Primary Focus of Q1 Life Science Strategic Governance Forum The Q1 Life Science CFO Strategic Governance Forum, hosted June 12-13 at the Loews Philadelphia reiterated concerns echoed throughout the industry, where uncertainty appears to be...
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How the FDA’s Medical Communications Guidances are changing Label Discussions

Innovations in a rapidly changing healthcare climate have presented challenges for medical information professionals tasked with communicating treatment abilities and uses.

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Capturing a Comprehensive Patient Voice

Capturing a Comprehensive Patient Voice Ensuring care access and treatment options require patient advocates to capture and maintain the patient voice. Part of this representation is putting the patient at the center of business activities and decisions. From...
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Post-Training Success

Successful compliance training requires a robust program which incorporates regulatory challenges and trainee feedback. To gain this insight, training experts rely heavily on the post-training phase which allows for both program and corporate evaluation.

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