9th Annual Strategic Patient Advocacy Engagement Conference

July 14-15, 2020 | Philadelphia, PA
Access Agenda

Defining the Role of Patient Advocacy Teams and Demonstrating Value within Life Science Organizations through Early Involvement of Patients in Clinical Trials, the Utilization of Digital Resources, and Coordinating Strategic Efforts with External Organizations
Patient advocates play a vital role as the conduit between manufactures and the customers they serve, but as companies continue to focus on monetary returns, many teams have struggled to justify advocacy investment as well independence within an organization. Recent developments in patient advocacy, such the FDA’s renewed emphasis on early patient involvement and an abundance of digital resources, provide advocates with a wide range of options to serve patient populations while bringing value to an organization. The 9th Annual Strategic Patient Advocacy Engagement Conference aims to highlight these methods with practical examples on compliant utilization of social media, coordination with external organizations and international patient advocacy that will emphasize the necessity of a robust advocacy strategy while fully addressing patient needs.

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