9th Annual Food Labeling: Evolving Regulatory Compliance Conference

2022 | Location TBD
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Target Audience
Regulatory Affairs
Regulatory Compliance
Nutrition Labeling

Industries Represented
Food & Beverage

Ensure compliance with evolving FDA & USDA requirements, monitor consumer trends & employ a scientific approach to label claims

Discuss evolving regulatory requirements including the USDA’s BE Disclosure rule and its specific challenges, exempted ingredients and USDA enforcement action. Sessions address how you get detailed information from suppliers in time for the implementation date, maintain awareness of industry litigation and put your work scope in more of a legal perspective. Discuss risk of claims, substantiating claims and best practices to protect your company against litigation.

Contact:Aaron Vandyke

Aaron Van Dyke, Operations Director, Life Science
Q1 Productions
+1 (312) 955-0825