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Ensuring Continued Compliance with FDA Label Requirements amidst a Changing Regulatory and Industry Landscape, while Updating Claims based on Consumer Trends and Employing an Overall Science Based Approach

The food label regulatory landscape has seen major updates in recent years with the revised FDA Nutrition Facts Panel requirements and the USDA BE Disclosure Law as well as state regulations such as California’s Prop 65 and Illinois’s addition of sesame to allergen labeling requirements. In addition to establishing regulatory compliant product labeling processes, food labeling executives must also stay abreast of changes throughout the industry including evolving consumer trends, such as popular label claims and the increased addition of CBD to products. Industry thought leaders will address a range of topics from highlighting standards of identities for newer products to best practices to ensure consistent product information on a variety of media platforms such as printed labels, QR codes, social media and websites. With a blend of interactive sessions including case studies, panels, and workshops to showcase regulatory and industry perspectives, participants will receive one-on-one peer interaction on top industry concerns.

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