Semi-Annual Medical Device & Diagnostic Sales Training & Development Conference

March 2021 | Virtual Event | Pacific Tim
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$595 per module, $1,500 for the entire course

Target Audience
Sales Training & Development
Learning & Development
Professional Education
Sales Operations

Industries Represented
Medical Device

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Explore Innovative Strategies to Achieve Sales Force Effectiveness by Implementing Innovative Training Tools, Processes & Technology Into Sales Training Programs

This longtime event joins top-performing sales training professionals to exchange cutting-edge training curriculum inclusive of strategy, process and collateral. Close the gap between tenured and new sales personnel and identify cost-effective opportunities for new technology to support training programs. Through interactive discussions and case study presentations, you will be equipped with new perspectives and methodologies to implement in your own organization’s curriculum. 

Benchmark with fellow training professionals on strategy and implementation and navigate solutions to today’s challenges within training development. Networking features enable you to build new relationships with attendees and exchange ideas in a collaborative setting. Reference program materials on-demand to implement what you learn.  

The dynamic Q1 Productions virtual platform fosters a sense of collaboration. Sophisticated networking features connect you with your peers beyond the capabilities of a Zoom meeting. Customize your experience and address your unique concerns in the dynamic live Q&A after each session. Our commitment to industry perspectives keeps the program focused on what matters and dynamic session types keep it fun. Learning will be delivered in three half-day modules to maximize learning and engagement.


Explore the Virtual Event Guide & FAQ for insight into our dynamic event platform, including technical requirements, audio troubleshooting, detailed networking steps and more. Our mobile app, Q1 Events, mirrors onsite networking experiences so you stay connected.

Contact:Aaron Vandyke

Aaron Van Dyke, Operations Director, Life Science
Q1 Productions
+1 (312) 955-0825