2nd Annual Life Science Digital Transformation Conference

May 19-20, 2020 | Chicago, IL

Optimizing Digital Transformation Initiatives to Reach Defined Objectives, Effectively Engaging with Stakeholders to Lead an Organization-Wide Cultural Shift, all while Focusing Digitalization Efforts on Greater Consumer Data Collection & Processing Capabilities

As digital capabilities and exciting technology advancements continue to format new and more efficient business strategies, digital transformation leaders across R&D, clinical, marketing, and commercial operations within life science corporations are focusing efforts on decreasing costs while increasing operational efficiencies and ROI. While thoughtful selection and implementation of state of the art technology promises a leap forward into automated processes for areas such as manufacturing, data management or patient connectivity, forward-thinking companies aim to go beyond the use of digital tools and ultimately drive a company-wide cultural shift to maximize swift outcomes. In this sense, organizational and leadership development creates a supportive and comprehensive framework for digital innovation to take place with flexibility as transformation efforts progress.

The 2nd Annual Life Science Digital Transformation Conference will provide participants with an in-depth learning opportunity focused on insightful and real-time case studies from diverse organizations at varied stages of innovative digital shift initiatives. Focusing on different approaches to data integration and automation as well as strategies to engage with internal and external stakeholders, including technology vendors and organizational change agents, the meeting will ensure a plethora of perspectives from the life science industry and beyond, are represented in the speaker faculty. Discussion of technology integration methodology and processes to measure digital effort outcomes will also allow participants to view how peer organizations continue to pave the way towards optimized operations with the digitalization of business strategies throughout all levels of the manufacturing organization.   


Todd Haughey | Event Manager | Q1 Productions
+1 (312) 224-1722 | thaughey@q1productions.com

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