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Improving Compliance Training across the Life Sciences by Determining Effective Training Methods & Identifying Effectual Metrics by which to Measure Knowledge Retention Rates, while Examining Best Practices for Training Different Sectors across an Organization & Ensuring All Employees are Appropriately Trained

Functioning in a fully compliant and ethical manner in the life sciences industry is paramount to the success or failure of an organization. The responsibility of ensuring the successful training of compliance topics and ethical behaviors lies with compliance and compliance training executives. Corporate compliance executives develop trainings for all sectors of an organization and identifying if training is effective and information is retained by employees is top of mind for executives. Identifying methods by which to measure effective training and retention, while also determining new approaches to training techniques, executives will be better suited to improve compliance training within organizations.

Q1 Productions’ 2nd Annual Compliance Training Conference will provide executives with the opportunity to partake in focused workshops on topics such as training methods for adult learners. This conference will provide attendees with a unique opportunity to discuss challenges related to compliance training amongst executives in the trenches in order to improve techniques and policies and to return to organizations with tangible solutions to challenges. Case studies will provide executives with first hand experiences from leading life science organizations on various topics such as developing effective post-training surveys, systematic approaches to assigning training and more!


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