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What X-ray Brings to You: X-ray vs Other Modalities & Comparison Case Study

Frederic Dessy, Product Manager, IBA Industrial

Frédéric Stichelbaut, R&D Nuclear Interactions Domain Expert -IBA Fellow, IBA Industrial

Recorded on March 25, 2021

In Chapter 4 “What X-ray Brings to You: X-ray vs Other Modalities & Comparison Case Study”, Frederic Dessy will recall the principles of X-rays, focusing on the physics of X-rays (production, difference between X-rays and other irradiation facilities using the electron beam and cobalt). Then, the way in which X-rays can be used for sterilization will be discussed by bringing some general information on the dose uniformity ratio.

Frédéric Stichelbaut will then develop these principles in more detail and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of X-ray irradiation, examining product compatibility, how the product could be packaged and how the irradiation process works. Another aspect that will be covered is the optimization of the treatment process by looking at different irradiation set-ups and what they could provide in terms of yearly volume, irradiation time and footprint.

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Sterility Assurance

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Frederic Dessy
Product Manager
IBA Industrial

Frederic Dessy is a Medical physicist and has been working for more than 13 years in radiation therapy department, delivering radiation treatment to cancer patient. He joined IBA 14 years ago, working for the particle therapy business unit, in charge of the proton beam dosimetry, integration of 3rd party system and patient imaging. Since March 2020, he is working for IBA Industrial business unit as product manager in charge of the X-ray solution.

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Frédéric Stichelbaut
R&D Nuclear Interactions Domain Expert -IBA Fellow
IBA Industrial

Frédéric Stichelbaut is an R&D Nuclear Interactions Domain Expert and IBA Fellow at IBA. From 1986-1993 Frédéric pursued a Ph.D. in High-Energy Physics at Free University of Brussels, Belgium. From 1994-1995 he served in a Fellowship role at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. Between 1996 and1999, Frédéric pursed a Post-Doctoral Research role at Fermi National Laboratory (Fermilab) in Chicago, USA. He has been with IBA since 2000 in a Physicist capacity.

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