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Safeguard your Medical Devices from Cyber Threats

Shane Keating, Cybersecurity Engineering and Project Manager, ICS

Recorded on April 8, 2021

Manufacturers and developers of modern medical devices have to deal with hugely expanded threats. Many medical devices are crucial to patient safety and contain protected personal information. Any compromise of security may result in extensive negative publicity. There is an expectation that modern medical devices are usable in all the ways we have become used to: wireless/wired connectivity, cloud usage, ease of user access, automatic software updates. All of these usability features can be a source of vulnerabilities. Any regulated medical device going through the approvals process for developed markets has a high bar to clear on ensuring cybersecurity safety.

In this webinar ICS shares our experience with creating medical device software and its complexity. We’ll go through common areas of vulnerability for medical devices and talk about how to address these vulnerabilities in an efficient way. We’ll discuss:

• Why your medical device need to be secure and how to go about securing it
• Challenges that may arise
• Why securing medical devices is different from securing your computer
• The Chain of Trust
• Approval process and what happens after that


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Shane Keating Pic
Shane Keating
Cybersecurity Engineering and Project Manager

Shane is responsible for Cybersecurity project delivery at ICS, especially focused on projects in the Medical Devices area. Shane was previously working on receiver authentication of GNSS signals, consulting for the European Space Agency. Previous to that, Shane spent 13 years as Engineering Manager and Project Manager at Intel’s Data Center Group in Ireland, working on Cryptographic Acceleration Technologies and embedded software for leading edge products.  

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