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Twice the Sales Call Time: Increasing Your Virtual Customer Engagement

Wendy Eicholzer, M.Ed., President
Whole Systems

Recorded on September 17, 2020

As we’ve all learned over the course of the last several months, getting customers to engage with you effectively on virtual platforms is no easy feat.  But for those sales representatives who can master the skills of virtual selling and fluidly work between live and digital environments, research has shown that HCPs will spend twice the time engaging virtually than they would in a live call.

This webinar will focus on the virtual selling skills your sales professionals need to make this increased customer engagement happen:

  • How to plan and get your customers onto the virtual selling platform for a call
  • How to “frame” your questions and dialogue to keep them engaged with you and your digital resources once on the platform
  • How to get to a commitment to action and ongoing virtual dialogue
  • How to overcome virtual selling hurdles at each point in the process

Join the webinar, Twice the Sales Call Time: Increasing Your Virtual Customer Engagement, to see how your sales reps can learn the right virtual selling skills and easily master them while overcoming the 5 biggest virtual selling hurdles!

This webinar is complimentary.

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Wendy Eicholzer, M.Ed., President
Whole Systems

Wendy Eicholzer has over 25 years of experience in developing innovative training for the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries. As President of Whole Systems, Wendy is responsible for the strategic vision of the company as well as the overall client portfolio. She also manages the day to day operations of the talented internal team, including all sales, marketing and development activities. With her background in instructional design and extensive industry knowledge, she leads the design and development of dynamic learning solutions across a range of disease states and products. She also focuses on understanding learner needs and client objectives to help create instructional design blueprints that ensure that all learning solutions are performance focused.

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