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Gaining the Edge with AI: Why AI is needed in Pricing & Selling, then Expanding on how to Apply Change Management to Maximize the Results

Recorded on September 9, 2021 

Jon Moeller, Senior Strategic Consultant, PROS 
William Dudziak, Lead Strategic Consultant​, PROS
  • Review: what makes AI intelligent, why AI is needed in pricing and where we apply it to healthcare
  • Learn: change management techniques and activities to maximize the results
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Jon Headshot

John Moeller
Senior Strategic Consultant

Jon Moeller is a Senior Strategic Consultant at PROS where he guides pricing and sales teams through important digital transformation initiatives. He works with customers across the phases of discovery, identifying value drivers, aligning to PROS solutions, building the business case, mobilizing cross-functional teams, and preparing the Customer Success team to deliver the 1-5% revenue uplift results of transformation.

William Headshot

William Dudziak
Lead Strategic Consultant

William Dudziak is a pricing professional with 17+ years of experience. He currently serves as the Lead Strategic Consultant at PROS. In this role, William assist customers in all things pricing, including pricing strategy, process review, change management, and organizational design.

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