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Navigating the Anatomy of Difficult Conversations Using Virtual Reality

Anna Strasshofer, MBA, Director, Mursion

Paul Egan, Director, Business Development Director, Mursion

Recorded on March 16, 2021

This is the moment for human skills. Traditional, top-down, one-size-fits-all leadership is a way of the past. True leadership is highly context dependent and team driven. The modern leader is inclusive, assumes risk with judgment, provides certainty in an uncertain world, and inspires deep motivation with a lived-in, authentic grasp of the landscape and people involved. By offering immersive practice and precision in virtual connection and influence, VR simulation is the fastest way to achieve mastery of these skills. See it for yourself in this interactive session.

Powered by a blend of AI and live human interaction, experiential VR has become the ideal way to gain essential workplace skills and see rapid gains in leadership, communication, and empathy. It combines true human intelligence augmented by AI in order to unlock empathic potential in your workforce and ensure organizational readiness to perform.

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Anna Strasshofer, MBA, Director

Anna Strasshofer is responsible for creating more conversations around applications for VR simulations for emotional intelligence training, finding new innovative learning programs and technology.  With over ten years of experience in hospitality management, she is passionate about empowering the most important workforces, frontline employees, that will elevate service excellence and improve business outcomes. She received her MBA in Winter Park, Florida at the Rollins College Crummer Business School.

Paul Egan

Paul Egan, Director, Business Development Director

Paul Egan is Growth Marketing Manager at Mursion and is responsible for finding innovative new ways to share Mursion with leaders who are at the front of the adoption curve. Paul has spent most of his career helping companies transform their organizations and improve employee engagement. He is passionate about creating workplaces where leaders are champions of empathy, inclusion, and service.  He received his MS in Commerce from the McIntire School of Business at the University of Virginia.

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