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Adapting E-Commerce Strategies for Digitally Native Generations

Allie Shanholt, Co-Founder
Do Anything Foods

Recorded on July 28, 2020

Many operations within food and beverage companies, especially legacy companies predating the advent of e-commerce, require significant updates to accommodate the habits of younger consumers. Digital natives conduct considerable online research to find easily-available products with characteristics and price-points in alignment with lifestyle factors, quickly moving on from unsatisfactory options. Even after the selection of a product, flawless customer service and smooth ordering are non-negotiable factors in converting young customers. Ensuring a seamless process from search to sale, with complete product information transparency across all touchpoints and lightning-fast payment options at checkout, can give companies the edge with these generations defining the future of retail.

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Allie Shanholt
Do Anything Foods

Allie is passionate about building brands in the digital age. She is the co-founder of Do Anything Foods, a brand focused on helping consumers short-cut meal prep to get healthy, delicious meals on the table in a snap. Before Do Anything Foods, she led Stumptown Coffee’s digital business and marketing which included a reimagination of the e-commerce business, the launch of Cold Brew, and expanding the social media presence by over 300%. Prior to Stumptown, she worked with innovative businesses as a Venture Capital investor and a management consultant. She’s also a passionate home cook: always seeking to make meals healthier, easier and more delicious.

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