A Q&A with Todd Zaugg

Successful training hinges on trainee engagement. Training professionals must work to ensure that trainees are relating to and engaging with powerful materials. This builds confidence and boosts retention throughout the training process. To take a deeper look at some of the challenges associated with engaging training audiences, I interviewed Todd Zaugg, Author, Sales Training Consultant, and CEO of Matrix Achievement, for his training insights.

Humans now have attention spans short than that of a goldfish. How does this impact training?

To keep the learner interested, the topic must be relevant, engaging, and should be presented in soundbite or micro-bite format.

What is the best way to engage learners?

We live in the age of “personalization.” The generic “learner track” systems are outdated.  Everyone expects a tailored experience, specific to their individual needs. No two learners are the same, so their training needs to be individualized.  Fortunately, today’s technology can now automate the tailored experience and allow sales people to accelerate their adoption of new behaviors.

How can I improve and validate the impact of my training?

MX Sales Coach makes it easy because the sales professional must exhibit the self-development completion of their competency focus while on a sales call with the manager.  From that experience, the sales professional and manager must agree upon the “impact” that competency had on advancing the sale and can determine economic impact.

How do I overcome the objection “I don’t have time to develop?”

The answer is – you don’t have the right process in place if you are struggling with this challenge. Time isn’t an obstacle if you implement a simple training process.

How do I overcome the attitude of “It’s just another sales training?”

Research tells us that very few attendees actually retain information they receive at sales training event. We provide sales insights that are “research based” and have been collected from interviews with “top sales professionals.” The training is delivered to learners “where and how they live” rather than via onerous live training events.

If Continuous Learning is the answer, then how do we accomplish that efficiently, effectively, and within budget?

You need a simple platform that automates the personalization of the development plans and then instantaneously populates the development plan with premium content. In addition, the managers need to know how to conveniently engage the system and provide both individual and team impact.

What shift in the workforce have increased the need for this technology in training?

Baby boomers are retiring in huge numbers each day. As Millennials take their place as the largest generation in the workforce, we have to take a look at how they learn. These folks were raised with the Internet. They’ve had access to computers and mobile devices for as long as they can remember. Video and quick searching for answers are natural ways of life for them. We have to capitalize on their experience and use technology to meet them where they learn best.

Todd Zaugg is an author, sales performance consultant, and CEO of Matrix Achievement. Matrix Achievement Group is a boutique, global sales force effectiveness and performance improvement consulting firm, and a sponsor for the 2017 Medical Device & Diagnostics Train the Trainer Summit. This event will focus on equipping today’s trainers to deliver powerful and engaging training programs.