Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems Conference: Speaker Interview


Stéphane Dattenny
Principal IT Architect

Stephane will be one of the distinguished speakers at the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems Conference.

What are your main objectives for attending the 3rd Annual MES Conference?  Present and network with peers

Are you aware of an upcoming automation or MES trends? Yes, but looking forward to understand practical usage instead of just trends

What successes have you and your team experienced with MES? Current work in progress project to apply standards like ISA-95 in the context of MES integration.

What is the practical reality of standardization – is this something the industry can achieve? Yes, but it is a challenge for project teams who do not understand the need for standards and how to apply them properly.

Is there any new software or technologies you are interested in hearing more about? Other integration/messaging platforms used in the industry (like Apache Kafka, DDS, etc…)