Shellyanne Sealy-Wilder
Senior Specialist – Quality Systems and Compliance


In your opinion, what is the future of supplier quality within pharmaceutical manufacturing?
Future indicates there will be an increase in accountability of supplier quality assurance from customers and an increase in supplier auditing to ensure quality compliance. Future also indicates there will be tougher regulations and increased audit findings from regulatory bodies to companies for not ensuring suppliers are audited, knowing the traceability of materials/services from suppliers, etc.

Why is the role of supplier quality teams within the pharmaceutical industry so vital to the organization’s success?
Supplier quality teams truly determine whether suppliers are acceptable/non-acceptable and thus this is a critical role. They are also accountable to ensure supplier quality compliance and are involved in direct decision-making regarding suppliers.

What are you most looking forward to regarding the Pharmaceutical Supplier Quality Assurance Conference this July?
Sharing my knowledge with my colleagues in the industry and learning other best practices that companies are using in regards to supplier quality.

What is your motivation for progress and/or success in supplier quality?
As a Quality Auditor, I am motivated as supplier quality is directly linked to product quality, and product quality directly impacts lives. The more I learn and can share within my organization and within quality, the stronger quality compliance for suppliers will be.

Is there a project you’re looking forward to working on during the coming year, and could you briefly describe it?
No new major projects, but I am working on gaining proficiency in complaints/AE management.


Shellyanne will be one of the distinguished speakers at the Pharmaceutical Supplier Quality Assurance Conference.