Sharon Brower
Quality Systems Manager


Sharon Brower is the Manager of Quality Systems at Roche Molecular Systems in Branchburg, NJ, where she is responsible for overseeing and contributing to the design, development, implementation and maintenance of effective, comprehensive, strategic and compliant training programs across all departments. Sharon is also tasked with overseeing and consulting on the assessment and evaluation of suppliers/vendors, performing external supplier audits, as well as chairing the Supplier Qualification Team to decide how supplier issues affect internal departments and processes.


Why is supplier quality important?
Supplier quality is important because it means good business, less expense, loyalty, reputation and quality assurance of a good end product!


Describe a supplier quality initiative you will be focusing on in 2014.
We are in the process of implementing a global system to manage and exchange data communication and files through a front end Supplier Portal.

How do you see supplier quality within the diagnostic industry evolving over the next 5 years?

I see supplier quality evolving into a fully electronic and manageable process where communication and data is readily available and exchanged in real time.

What are you most looking forward to regarding the Diagnostic Supplier Quality Assurance Conference?

I’m looking forward to hearing about best practices across the industry.


What has been your greatest achievement within your current role?
My greatest achievement has been assisting with the harmonization of Supplier Quality and Procurement in order to consolidate all information about suppliers (rating, classification, audit, etc) into a global system and soon into a global front end portal.