PMarshallPaul Marshall, CPP, PMP
Manager, Global Packaging Technologies,
Advanced Surgical Devices


Paul is a Certified Packaging Professional with Lifetime status (CPPL) and Project Management Professional (PMP). He has been employed with Smith & Nephew for the last four years as the Manager of Global Packaging Technologies. In his role, Paul is responsible for ensuring global compliance to global regulatory bodies packaging requirements. He also manages the Memphis Packaging Lab and supports testing for all sites globally. In addition, Paul manages both the Packaging Process Engineering and Packaging Sustaining Engineering teams across the US.


Paul will be one of the distinguished speakers at the 3rd Semi-Annual Medical Device Packaging: Innovations In Design and Testing Conference.


Why is the 3rd Semi-Annual Medical Device Packaging Conference important to packaging executives?
This is a very informative conference that shares current challenges that packaging organizations experience, and often presenters share best practices and other key information to help MDMs make good business/risk decisions related to packaging.


Are there any sessions or topics you’re looking forward to discussing at the September conference?
There are many technical topics that always pique interest, such as best practices from procedures, test method application, technology solutions, sample size justifications, and case studies on a variety of topics such as sealing validations, statistical rationales/justifications, and lessons learned.


What initiatives are on the horizon for your team in 2016?
We are expanding the scope of our team to completely own packaging clean room processes.