Nikhil Gandhi
Director of Marketing, Neurosciences
Merz USA


How many years have you been in the industry?

12 years


Why do you believe that the Pharmaceutical Multi-Channel Marketing Conference is important?
This conference provides a venue and a forum for an exchange of ideas and best-practices. This type of conference has the potential to benefit everyone that participates, whether you’re a speaker or just an attendee. It can make us all better marketers.


What do you hope attendees will take away from your presentation, workshop or panel discussion?
I hope my presentation will enable attendees to apply and adapt some of my own learnings to their everyday roles in all forms of marketing. Seeking to demonstrate ROI from marketing spend is challenging to say the least, and creative out-of-the box methods are necessary.


What inspires your passion and/or interest for Multi-Channel Marketing and/or healthcare?
First, healthcare and life sciences is a field where I can have a real and meaningful impact to people’s lives, whether they are actual patients or caregivers. The drugs I work on today and have worked on in the past improve the quality of patient’s lives. We live in a multi-dimensional world, and everyone has unique way of digesting information. Multi-channel marketing provides us marketers with the best chance of success in reaching the most number of people in an optimal manner.


What do you believe is the best part about Multi-Channel Marketing and the direction the Pharmaceutical Industry is heading with Marketing?
The success of multi-channel marketing is measured by its reach, and being able to reach audiences not tied to traditional media (journal ads, TV advertising, etc.) The pharma industry have historically been behind the curve when it comes to marketing and advertising, mostly because of regulatory limitations. We’re moving in the right direction for sure as we gain a better understanding of how we can make information available to consumers of healthcare in a fair, responsible, and balanced manner.


What is your favorite “channel” when it comes to marketing and why? (more traditional print, iPhone apps, Facebook pages, banner ads, television etc)
The most powerful form of marketing is viral marketing. If you can get your target audience to talk about your product unsolicited to the rest of your target audience, there’s nothing more powerful than that.


Nikhil will be one of the distinguished presenters at the Pharmaceutical Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy Conference.