morgan-brownMorgan Brown
EVP and Chief Financial Officer


Mr. Morgan Brown has more than 22 years of finance and accounting experience with the last fifteen years servicing biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device and clinical research companies. Prior to joining Lipocine, Mr. Brown served in a similar capacity at Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. an emerging pharmaceuticals company, at World Heart Corporation, a medical device company, and Lifetree Clinical Research, a clinical research organization.


Morgan will be one of the distinguished speakers at the 7th Semi-Annual Life Science Financial Forum.


Why are the 6th & 7th Semi-Annual Life Science Financial Forums important to financial executives?  
It is great to have a forum designed specifically for finance executives that is industry specific. The challenges we as life science CFO’s face are much different than those faced by CFO’s in other industries. I enjoy the opportunity of learning from others that are facing the same issues as I do on a day in and day out basis.


What initiatives are on the horizon at your organization for the financial department in 2015-2016?
We are looking to grow and mature as a business. To date we have been primarily a research and development organization. However we now have several late state, including NDA stage, assets and the focus on commercial strategy and strategic partners is much more important. We are expanding our talent base and have several initiatives focused on hiring the best and the brightest in this area. We are also exploring the need to open a commercial office in a location that will be easier to attract the best talent pool.


How has the increase in consolidation/M&A affected the life science industry?
Clearly there are fewer “big boys” at the top which limits opportunities for smaller companies to either be acquired or find multiple competing licensing partners.


How do you see the trend of tax inversion evolving over the next several years?  
I think the US government will implement tax law/change that will either limit or curtail these types of transactions in the future.


And finally, what keeps you up at night?  
Having enough resources to be successful. Those resources would include financial resources as well as people  in order for us to be successful. Regulatory risk (ie. FDA) also weighs on my thoughts.