Mitch Lewandowski
Director of Quality Assurance


Mitch will be one of the distinguished speakers at the 6th Annual Diagnostic Quality Assurance Conference.


Why is the 6th Annual Diagnostic Quality Assurance Conference important for quality assurance executives?
This conference allows quality assurance personnel with similar experience and expertise a venue for peer-to-peer discussion and benchmarking activities.


What initiatives are on the horizon at your organization for the quality assurance department in 2015-2016?
Adapting quality systems and programs for global expansion and scalability.


Are there any sessions or topics you’re looking forward to discussing at this year’s conference?
‘Proposed Regulation of Laboratory Developed Tests: Update and Review of Impact for Quality Assurance.’


How has your organization improved risk management within the quality assurance department?
Implementation of lifecycle approach to risk management, and utilization of processes and tools to support regular review and enhancements.


How do you believe that advanced technologies impact quality management systems?
They make issues and process improvements more transparent.


What are your/your team’s goals for the coming year?
Maturing and expanding our existing quality management systems.


What are three key areas to examine when selecting quality management systems?
Scalability, transparency, and configurability to changing business models.


And finally, what keeps you up at night?
Maintaining an agile system in a period of continuous growth.