Kristin Keller

Kristin Keller

Kristin will be one of the distinguished speakers at the 4th Annual Strengthening Patient Advocacy Relations Conference.


How many years have you been in the industry?
16 years.


Why do you believe that the Q1 Strengthening Patient Advocacy conference is important?
In our transforming healthcare ecosystem the patient is moving to the center. The advocacy community has long acknowledged the patient’s position at the center of care and has a unique opportunity to help lead this transformation. The work of advocacy is no longer siloed; it is vital that the knowledge and experience is shared and cascaded to our larger healthcare system. Never before has the expertise and agenda of Patient Advocacy been more important!


What do you hope attendees will take away from your presentation, workshop or panel discussion?
The patient advocacy function within the industry is a bridge that helps to unite multiple stakeholders across non-profit, patient, social media, and industry stakeholders. When these alliances are successful it has an amplifying effect on the quality of the education and support provided and ultimately the patient experience and outcomes. New and innovative ways of collaborating continue to emerge; it’s critical that we continue dialogue about evolving best practices and collectively drive the care of patients forward.


What inspires your passion and/or interest for advocacy and/or healthcare?
Having spent my entire career in healthcare on the industry side, I realize how much of a difference we truly make, and how many committed, caring people are working every day to improve lives. I deeply respect the important work happening across this industry and I’m proud to be part of it. For the last ten years I have been committed to the rare disease community and helping to improve the development and access of patients to new and emerging therapies. In addition to the work I do at Discovery USA, I serve as the Chair of the Corporate Alliance at Global Genes.