klynardKenneth Lynard
VP, Finance, Commercial Operations


Mr. Lynard joined Gilead Sciences in 2012 and was appointed to his current role of Vice President of Finance and Commercial Operations in August 2014. In this role, he provides leadership to the Finance Commercial Operations Organization, responsible for worldwide finance support to the Executive Vice President of Commercial Operations and the Commercial Operations Leadership Team, as well as centralized support for access operations and emerging markets. Prior to joining Gilead, Mr. Lynard was the Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Europe and Canada with Medtronic Inc. He previously served in a number of executive positions with top global European companies.


Kenneth will be one of the distinguished speakers at the 7th Semi-Annual Life Science Financial Forum.


Why are the 6th & 7th Semi-Annual Life Science Financial Forums important to financial executives?
It’s a unique way of interacting across companies and cultures and exchange thoughts and ideas about complex challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s marketplace.


What initiatives are on the horizon at your organization for the financial department in 2015-2016?
The ability to scale talents, processes, and systems to support the rapid growth coming from the introduction of new products to existing markets as well as expanding into new markets.