Jairus Martin
Senior Program Analyst


Jairus will be one of the distinguished speakers at the 2nd Annual Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems Conference.


Why is the 2nd Annual Manufacturing Execution Systems Conference important to manufacturing teams?
Sharing concepts and ideas is how individuals help improve society as a whole. We should always look at the big picture on how to “grow the pie” which is good for everyone.


How has MES evolved in the last several years?
In my opinion, businesses, in general, do a poor job of keeping it simple. They buy off the shelf products and then spend big dollars customizing the solution in the end or living with sub-par solutions. Businesses are suffering from outsourcing their solutions. This is evident by internal black holes (businesses can’t see or have access to their data) due to the lack of in-house technical expertise. Some MES solutions like ETQ have done a great job with a single source solution, but many companies can’t adopt due to obligations to their existing systems. Simply put, everything has become very complicated if you’re not starting from scratch.


What initiatives are on the horizon at your organization in 2017?
Implementation of a home grown system built on open source frameworks, which will maximize our ability to expand tools and reporting while minimizing effort.


How do you see MES evolving over the next 5-10 years?
I believe more companies will start to see more value in owning their systems again. They will outsource and purchasing less. The tools exist to build affordable solutions; the question is how resourceful you are?


Why is this conference important to you as an industry leader?
Many have accepted the systems they have or know because the current perception is home grown is too complicated or costly. This perception is due to a disconnect of current technologies and outsourcing of technical jobs.


If you had to describe MES in one word, what would it be?
BuildYourOwn or BuySmart


What topics are you most excited about for the conference program this year?
I am always interested in topics regarding compliance and how industry experts tackle them.


What are the “key takeaways” for your presentation/panel discussion?

  • Estimating a system’s life.
  • Desing in your lifecycle, thinking lean(did you consider all business functions).
  • Short on money, build your own.