Glen Goff
Senior Quality Auditor


In your opinion, what is the future of supplier quality within pharmaceutical manufacturing?
Regulatory agencies are going to continue to challenge manufacturers with regards to supply chain management.  This is why it is important for pharmaceutical manufacturers to develop solid risk base approach Quality Systems for supplier management.  The Supplier Management system has to meet both regulatory requirements as well as the company’s budget.  This is why conferences such as this are important because it allows Quality professional to meet and share ideas.

Why is the role of supplier quality teams within the pharmaceutical industry so vital to the organization’s success?

Supplier quality teams are vital because their role is to ensure that raw materials provided to the facility are produced under Good Manufacturing Practices.   They are vital when Purchasing is evaluating a new supplier.  The input that the supplier quality team can provide Purchasing at the initial stage of supplier selection can save the company money.  The supplier quality team can evaluate the potential supplier via a questionnaire to determine the effectiveness of the potential supplier’s Quality System.  Just because a supplier can meet the delivery timeframe and cost objective required by Purchasing doesn’t mean that the quality of the material will meet pharmaceutical grade.  Purchasing and the supplier quality team have to have a good working relationship.

What are you most looking forward to regarding the Pharmaceutical Supplier Quality Assurance Conference this July?

I’m looking forward to sharing my expertise and experience with other Quality Professionals as well as gaining their insight on Supplier Management.

What is your motivation for progress and/or success in supplier quality?

My motivation is to continue to learn more around supplier quality and advance into a management role sometime in the future.


Is there a project you’re looking forward to working on during the coming year, and could you briefly describe it?
I will be continuing to work with Corporate Quality to strengthen our Global Supplier Management program.


Glen will be one of the distinguished speakers at the Pharmaceutical Supplier Quality Assurance Conference.