Brian DiVastabrian-2
Principal Validation Engineer


Brian will be one of the distinguished speakers at the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution Systems Conference.


Why is the Manufacturing Execution Systems Conference important to manufacturing teams? 
I feel like power is knowledge and one of the best mechanisms for gaining knowledge is through conversation – understanding past experiences, positive and negative, are invaluable when planning future work and conferences such as this provide a forum for that knowledge transfer.


How has MES evolved in the last several years?
I don’t know that MES has evolved so much as the industry has evolved around it – granted there may have been developments in integration between shop-floor and enterprise platforms but what I have seen is a moving perspective on the role systems like MES play in maintaining data integrity.  The push for increased data security and the electronic traceability provided by MES is only making it a more attractive investment.


What initiatives are on the horizon at your organization in 2016?
We are working to expand MES to a second manufacturing building but more importantly we are working on a “core” solution that is centrally developed and validated and rolled-out to many sites almost ready for use.


How do you see MES evolving over the next 5-10 years? 
MES will have a larger footprint across the industry and hopefully with that expansion comes some standardization of MBRs and tools for rapid implementation of systems


Why is this conference important to you as an industry leader?
Selfishly?  So I can learn from those who may have gone before me and have already established/implemented a “core model” approach to system deployments.


If you had to describe MES in one word, what would it be?


What topics are you most excited about for the conference program this year?
The discussion on standards and change control.


Are there any blogs, forums, industry associations that you follow in relation to MES?
Nope – I do most of my research via direct contact with current and former colleagues.