Beverly Layton
Assistant Director, Managed Markets Training


How many years have you been in the industry?
28 years

Why do you believe that the managed market is so important within the industry?

In case you haven’t noticed…the health care landscape has dramatically changed.  The implementation of the  Affordable Care Act (ACA),  Health Exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid are just a few factors contributing to the landscape changes.  Cost shifting to the consumer, the focus on “pay for performance” and quality measures, along with increased transparency further complicate health care delivery.  Moreover, generics account for 80% of all prescriptions thereby, eroding the branded pharmaceutical market.  As a training organization, you have to train for today and provide an environment of self-directed continuous learning to enable your sales teams to continuously evolve their learning.

What do you hope attendees will take away from your presentation, workshop or panel discussion?

Attendees will walk away with an increased belief that we must develop a culture of “continuous learning” not just training.  Learning must become inherent in our organization’s DNA.  Moreover, the attendee will understand the value that blended learning brings to the overall adult learning experience.

What inspires your passion and/or interest for managed markets/managed care and/or healthcare?

Since childhood, I had a high interest in health care.  At the age of 4, I wanted to be a doctor.  I read Grey’s Anatomy and any other health related books and magazines.  ER, General Hospital and Marcus Welby, M.D. were my favorite T.V. shows.  Today, I am a Doctor of Public Health. Not quite what my parents had in mind but I held true to my passion and calling of working in health care.  I love managed care because it is dynamic and always changing.  One must have a systems approach when analyzing and developing strategic solutions. Just when you think you have it figured out…you realize that managed care is simply “50 shades of grey.”


Beverly will be one of the distinguished speakers at the 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Managed Markets and Payer Marketing Conference.