Our Story



Looking Back

Q1 Productions began operations in January 2006 in a small brownstone office in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Applying area expertise and knowledge of the evolving regulatory environment, the company started by developing and delivering education to executives within the life sciences industry.

By April, the company hosted the first conference program developed on Electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO). This led into researching and establishing a foothold in an untouched commercial conference production market – the medical device industry.

A turning point, the company then delivered the Medical Device Clinical Research & Reimbursement Conference, the first commercial medical device-specific conference ever hosted on this topic which led to several flagship programs.

In 2007, Paul Northover joined the leadership team, bringing tremendous sales, business development and organizational leadership capabilities to the corporation.



Dedicated to Quality First

By 2008, Q1 Productions expanded into the European market with leading that also established a new international client base led by teams in the United Kingdom (London) and France (Montpellier).

Focused on new product offerings and collaboration with executive leaders throughout the life sciences industry, Q1 Productions began hosting a series of Forum products in 2011 that included pre-scheduled networking meetings between supplier partners and industry C-level executives. At the same time, the company took on a new look with an updated logo and website and adopted a new mission: “Dedicated to Quality First.”

In the years that followed, the organization was fueled by the growth of a full-time team of over 50 people in the U.S. and Europe. In turn, the product volume exceeded 50 unique programs, setting a new benchmark for output. Recognizing the growth of online educational vehicles, Q1 Productions established a market intelligence division in 2013, focused on delivering online webinar content for just-in-time training.




Next, after having established a series of successful food industry conferences in 2014, Q1 Productions initiated the Food Service IP consulting division in late 2015, providing an additional educational and market research vehicle for the food & beverage industry.

In 2016, the first of the Executive Leadership Support (ELS) Forums was hosted in Chicago which kicked off a series of meetings that would sequentially provide education and career development for executive assistants from leading corporations across the nation. The product line ultimately divested in 2019 into a stand-alone business.

The successful Healthcare Finance & Revenue Cycle Management Forums, initiated in 2017, took the business into a new, complementary sector. By collaborating with hospital and health system leadership, the engaging platform focuses on optimizing the financial wellbeing of healthcare organizations.



Looking Forward

Recently, Paul Northover stepped up as CEO of the organization.

From a neighborhood brownstone to the current premises at 1 West Monroe Street in the heart of downtown Chicago, Q1 Productions has evolved from a business focused on a singular industry to an international enterprise aiming to deliver more than 65 educational programs and at least a dozen regional forums.