Archived Webinar

Mitigating Cybersecurity Concerns and Improving Software Safety

Steve Abrahamson, Senior Director, Product Cyber Security

Recorded on April 30, 2020

Topics Include:

  • Alleviating security concerns when using connected devices
  • Addressing patient and hospital network safety considerations
  • Examining FDA guidance, standard IEC 27001, and TIR 57
  • Focus on medical device and data exchange streams integrity
  • Lessons learned and continuously updating cybersecurity strategies

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Steve Abrahamson
Senior Director, Product Cyber Security

Steve Abrahamson is Senior Director of Product Cyber Security at GE Healthcare. Steve has developed and implemented many of the key elements of GE Healthcare’s Product Cyber Security program including the Design Engineering Privacy and Security process, Vulnerability Management process, and digitized Product Security Governance and Information system. Steve has also been involved in promoting collaborative and systemic approaches with customers, regulators, and industry groups, and through speaking engagements including FDA Workshops on Collaborative Approaches for Healthcare Cyber Security, US Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board, National Academy of Sciences Innovation Forum, HHS/NIST HIPAA Security Conference, American Medical Device Summit, and Cyber Security in Healthcare & Pharma.

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