5th Annual Life Science Ethics and Compliance Training Conference

June 23-24, 2020 | Chicago, IL
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Building an Ethical Company and Industry Culture by Crafting and Delivering Impactful Training Materials across Subject Matter Areas and Geographical Lines, Optimized through Comprehensively Captured Feedback and Continued Critical Analysis

In order to satisfy both regulatory requirements and internal company codes, life science executives face the task of keeping employees in compliance with specific strictures, while deliberately moving the needle of company and industry culture toward ethics and compliance. To do so, ethics and compliance trainers must perfect a threefold process of creating or sourcing quality training content, delivering it in a format that is digestible and accessible, and closely measuring efficacy to inform future adjustments and secure resources for continued improvement.

Success in this task relies on the buy-in of employees at every stratum; support from C-suite executives and collaboration with subject matter experts can lend credence to training materials and processes, while compliance ambassadors at more granular levels foster a shared sense of ownership in the building of an ethical culture. Creative trainers are revitalizing company compliance with innovations in the creation and deployment of training modules through strategies that include mobile optimization, the addition of games and multimedia, pithier content segments and clear channels for feedback. Through these efforts, forward-thinking companies are raising ethical standards across the globe and establishing company cultures rooted in organic compliance. 

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