Susan Velani
Susan Velani
Director, BioOncology Commercial Training & Development


Susan Velani is the Director of BioOncology Commercial Training and Development at Genentech.  She has over 14 years of industry experience including sales, marketing, managed care, and her true passion, training.

Why is sales training important?
Like any other profession – whether it is surgery, professional sports, or music – selling is an art that requires coaching, training, and a constant evolution to meet dynamic markets.

Describe a sales training initiative you will be focusing on in 2014.
Confidence based learning and ongoing assessments to decrease field force variability and increase proficiency by identifying personal learning needs, and global training gaps.

Please finish these sentences:
Sales training is…classical training in combination with supplemental coaching and clear sales leadership expectations.
Our sales trainers are….focusing beyond “once and done workshops” and new hire training to ensure training and coaching pull-through.
Our sales force is….highly rated amongst HCPs yet struggling with access and providing value in a highly restrictive environment.
If I could change one thing about sales training, it would be…“once and done” or “just in time training” requests.

How do you see sales training evolving over the next 5 years?  
Training will continue to increase in breadth and depth to accommodate new business models, stakeholders, and skills.

What are you most looking forward to regarding the 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training & Development Conference?
Networking and hearing about novel approaches and best practices.


Susan will be one of the distinguished presenters at the 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training and Development Conference.