Food & Beverage E-Commerce Operations Conference

April 28-29, 2020 | Chicago, IL
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Strengthening Food and Beverage E-Commerce Operations in Alignment with Consumer Trends by Harnessing New Technologies to Closely Connect with Customers, Streamline Supply Chains and Fulfillment Processes, and Optimize Sales in the Online Environment

Food and beverage e-commerce executives are tasked with creating, maintaining, and strengthening new business channels in the digital space, as well as ensuring that those channels provide a return-on-investment that warrants further expansion. As the online marketplace continues to take shape, e-commerce professionals must weave together digital marketing initiatives, advances in logistical and supply chain processes, and relationships with third-party fulfillment and distribution companies in order to provide a new level of company efficiency while ensuring that convenience, transparency, and product availability meet consumer expectations. Operational improvements in e-commerce activities can act as powerful differentiators for companies and brands seeking to stand out in a crowded digital marketplace.   

The 2020 Food and Beverage E-Commerce Operations Conference will bring together industry leaders to share insights into methods and tools behind successful e-commerce models, with in-depth looks at roadblocks to e-commerce transformation and strategies for overcoming them. The conference will equip e-commerce professionals to navigate this burgeoning field while taking full advantage of advances in technology and market trends, enabling leaders to take away diverse and holistic roadmaps for growing company e-commerce capabilities and fully satisfying their customers in an increasingly connected world.

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