VantagePoint Performance trains Salespeople to be more fluent and comfortable across different situations needing different sales approaches, and we train Sales Managers to be better coaches and team leaders, with more focus and less stress.

We’re different from the average sales training company because:
  • We don’t believe that one approach, one system, or one methodology is absolutely superior. All have something to offer, and the “best approach” or “best system” depends on the sales situation. This is what our applied, academic research tells us.
  • Our use of data science, specifically Machine Learning, helps us learn about our clients more meaningfully. We provide insights from each client’s data to help them understand what drives the success of their top-performing Salespeople and Sales Managers.
  • We are constantly feeding what we learn back into our training products, and we invest a bigger slice of our total energy into this innovation than the average sales training company. Our clients can access always-refreshed intellectual property and content through our training subscriptions.