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PatientRemedi® by FrontRunnerHC® is a SaaS solution that instantaneously provides accurate and complete demographic, insurance, and financial information for your patients. The software suite obtains, cross-checks, and fixes patient information in real-time, leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) tailored to your specific patient population and access to the largest payer network in the industry. All the information is aggregated for you to easily view in one place and is accessible through a workflow portal, APIs, and progressive web applications (PWA). Through integration, the information can also be automatically posted back to your existing LIS or billing system. PatientRemedi helps you ensure timely and accurate billing. Eliminating wasted time reworking claims means you and your team can focus on higher-value tasks. Getting it right the first time is better for your patients, your referring physicians, your staff, and your bottom line. Maximize your reimbursements while providing a positive patient experience with PatientRemedi.