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When an HCP considers prescribing a drug, they want to know how accessible it will be for their patient. In fact, market access drives 50% of that decision. Is your sales team using HCP-specific data to lean into cost and coverage conversations? Other formulary tools crunch geographic data using ZIP codes instead of HCP-specific data. Access Genius drills down to each prescriber’s actual patient population.

Access Genius filters real-time formulary, co-pay, prior authorization, and plan restriction information against sophisticated data models to deliver the most statistically effective messaging to each HCP you target. Scrap what you think is possible!

In recent studies, Access Genius:

• Doubled prescription rates across 14,000 HCPs for one major brand
• Demonstrated 4:1 return on investment
• Delivered a $27M increase in sales compared to generalized data

Message HCPs through multiple channels:
Reinforce messages even when you’re not face to face. Generate print-on-demand leave-behinds, Veeva-approved email, website cost & coverage answers, and social media answers on the HCPs most popular platforms!

Access Genius integrates to fit your brand strategy, business rules and sales team’s goals, giving every user an exemplary experience.