Frank Vitiello
Frank Vitiello
Director of Virology Training & Curriculum Development
Bristol-Myers Squibb


Frank Vitiello has over 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, all with Bristol-Myers Squibb. Frank’s experience includes sales positions as a Territory Representative, District and Region Business Manager. He also had various positions in operations and sales training, which includes his current position. A registered pharmacist, Frank’s involvement in Pharma led to a passion for sales training and leadership development. He is also an article contributor to the Industry Pharmacists Organization website offering book reviews on leadership.

Why is sales training important?
As sales professionals, we are obligated to build our skill sets and stay current on trends. Sales Training is that connection to the field in developing and motivating the sales force to be the best they can be in all competencies.

Describe a sales training initiative you will be focusing on in 2014.
A key initiative in 2014 is to build an entirely new selling skills model, leveraging many of the latest trends and healthcare models.

Please finish these sentences:

Sales training is…a partner in elevating the level of the competencies of the sales force so they have a competitive advantage.
Our sales trainers are….role models for field sales as leaders in the competencies.
Our sales force is….professionals that always seek to grow and improve.
If I could change one thing about sales training, it would be…more of a partner in the strategy and tactics of the pharma brands.

How do you believe selling skills have evolved due to the changing marketplace dynamics?
As you may know, this is the topic of my presentation for the conference. I will approach this on two levels. The first level on the marketplace changes that have decreased access to sales representatives.

The second level of discussion is based on the individual sale representative. Is there a model that high performing representatives uses that make them distinct and bring value to their customers. The differences might be slight in skill set but significant enough to make a difference.

What are you most looking forward to regarding the 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training & Development Conference?
Hearing best practices from leaders in sales training.


Frank will be one of the distinguished presenters at the 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Sales Training and Development Conference.