We have recently been alerted to fraudulent activity being conducted by a company called Exhibitors Housing Management, who has targeted a number of speakers and sponsors of upcoming Q1 Productions meetings. As part of this unauthorized activity, this company has phoned speakers and sponsors to arrange hotel accommodation at forthcoming conferences, collecting personal credit card and contact information over the phone. In no way has this action been authorized by Q1 Productions, and we are taking every step possible to report and reduce this fraudulent activity, which has targeted a number of leading event organizers.

In the phone calls to participants, Exhibitors Housing Management is asking to arrange hotel accommodations on behalf of participants at the hotels that Q1 has contracted, and is taking payment for these room nights. This is has not been condoned by Q1 Productions, and our standard procedure remains, that all hotel related charges are charged directly by hotel properties, not by Q1. We take data privacy and security with the utmost importance and provide payment details to hotels over a secured file transfer protocol.

Should you be contacted by Exhibitors Housing Management, please be aware that they are fraudulently attempting to secure your credit card information, and do not provide them with any information. We are continuously monitoring this situation and have reported the activity to the appropriate authorities. It is unfortunate that conference organizers are being targeted in this way, but we are working together as an industry to overcome this activity.