Attendee Story: Business Development Manager, National Institute for Health Research

Nov 25, 2019Attendee Story

Sarah Cooper HeadshotSarah Cooper 
Business Development Manager 
National Institute for Health Research 
Sarah attended the EU Medical Device Post-Market Clinical Evaluation Planning Conference.


What was it about the program that stood out for you and made you want to participate in it?

There are few conferences that focus on this area so it was great to find one that covered a topic I was interested in.


What impressed you about this meeting?

I loved the size of the audience which encouraged interaction and the audience were very vocal which really added to the event.


Can you name a few of the major takeaways you received from the conference?

I learnt more about the challenges that face companies running post surveillance studies and the type of studies they use to conduct them. This will help me in my role to provide a better service to my customers.


If you were sharing this conference to colleagues, how would you describe it? Would you encourage your colleagues to attend?

Good size, lively audience exactly the right people in the room. As aside the food was also very good and it is nice when travelling alone to have an evening meal option. We will be targeting this event again next year.