Attendee Story: Director, Regulatory Affairs, Advertising & Promotion, Sage Therapeutics

Nov 12, 2019Attendee Story

Mary Kuskin headshotMary Kuskin 
Director Regulatory Affairs, Advertising & Promotion 
Sage Therapeutics 
Mary Kuskin attended the Life Science Advertising & Promotions Regulatory Affairs Conference.



What was the most valuable aspect of the program?


I have to say that the openness of the forum, the workshops and the size of the meeting allowed for insightful conversation and sharing of information. The rich and diverse experience represented in the room brought together different perspectives and great discussion.


If you were sharing this conference to colleagues, how would you describe it?


The best bang for the buck if you want to huddle with other MLR on hot topics. Everyone was open to sharing their experience and asking questions. Would you encourage your colleagues to attend? I absolutely encourage my PRC colleagues to attend.


Were there any key takeaways you have implemented since returning to the office?


The practical and strategic insights on ways to leverage the CFL guidance in communications has inspired me to begin the conversation in my group to form a working group. Tell me about those lessons. Start developing strategies early during labeling development taking into considerations the potential utilization by various field teams and key stakeholders.


Would you attend this conference next year? If so, please detail a few of the reasons you enjoyed it and would come back.


Yes, it is a great place to ask questions and gain perspectives from experience in the room.