Attendee Story: Human Factors Specialist, Atrium Health

Nov 18, 2019Attendee Story

brittany anderson montoya headshotBrittany Anderson-Montoya                                 

Human Factors Specialist

Atrium Health

Brittany attended the Medical Device Human Factors & Usability Conference.



What was the most valuable aspect of the program?


As a clinically embedded Human Factors Specialist, I enjoyed the opportunity to learn more about the human factors usability testing process that occurs during product development. I also had the opportunity to share insight from the clinical environment and how design can be improved to better meet the actual clinical use of devices. I enjoyed the ability to openly discuss current challenges in medical device design and identify opportunities to potentially partner manufacturers with healthcare organizations to enhance medical device usability testing moving forward.


What impressed you about this meeting?


The speakers were excellent and open dialogue was encouraged. I appreciated that all slides were uploaded and made available to the attendees in advance of the conference. This allowed for attendees to take digital notes and for me personally has been an asset as I have put together a presentation for my company of what I learned and what we can apply to our work.


The small size of the program lends to a different level of sharing among the group. What was it about the layout of the meeting that was conducive to knowledge share and networking?


I enjoyed the size of the conference and the fact that you could attend every talk. The set-up of round tables encouraged discussion during breaks as it created a more intimate, open setting.


Would you attend this conference next year? If so, please detail a few of the reasons you enjoyed it and would come back.


Yes, I would attend this conference in the future. I would encourage more clinically embedded HF folks to attend as well to share what we observe in the clinical environment. The networking was excellent, and the small conference size allowed for engaged conversations and the ability to easily connect with people.