2021 Industry Trends

A Q1 Productions report on Life Science Industry Trends

Who We Are

At Q1 Productions, we propel highly regulated industries forward in platforms of curated executive education, driven by research and grounded in collaborative knowledge share. We strive to make a difference in people’s lives by helping our clients bring new, safe and innovative products to market and positively impact the lives of those facing health challenges.

Each year, we dive deep into end-user research to develop and host 40 or more conferences for life science industry leaders. Programs address topics from regulatory intelligence and market access to usability engineering and product surveillance. Over the course of this research, Program Managers conduct interviews with 2,000 insightful stakeholders, manage 1,000 expert presenters and bring together 3,500 industry leaders to participate in the knowledge share and networking our programs are grounded in.


2021 Industry Trends Report

This year’s report highlights the impact of COVID-19 on the life science workforce. Industry professions had to adjust to fully remote work and learn virtual engagement best practices with internal and external stakeholders. Clinical trial execution, supplier monitoring and clinical training evolved in light of pandemic guidelines. Continually evolving and adapting, the future remains bright for life science corporations. Download the report to hear from industry peers on adapting to this new normal.


Virtual + In-Person Learning in 2021

Our team will continue to dive into industry research and translate evolving developments into educational content to support our followers. Explore our events page for details on upcoming programming and dive into our live and archived webinar library for on-demand learning.

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