MAY 18-19, 2017 | CAMBRIDGE, MA
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Supporting Successful Commercial Launches through High-Level Strategic Medical Affairs Activities that Compliment Commercial Sales Activity through Scientific and Medical Exchange across Channels that Reach and Engage Key Opinion & Thought Leadership on a National & International Scale

Forward thinking life sciences corporations are synchronizing commercial and medical product launches in order to build the groundwork for a successful global product launch. The timing and planning required for such a coordinated approach to market requires not only substantial resources, but also the corresponding support from across the pharmaceutical enterprise, from research and clinical teams through to commercial sales executives in the field. Medical Affairs executives find themselves in a unique position as they drive scientific information exchange with healthcare professionals and key stakeholders, building support for products approaching and into product launch.

The 2nd Annual Medical Affairs Pre-Launch Strategies Conference will provide Medical Affairs Executives with an unparalleled opportunity to discuss and benchmark industry best practices in planning and executing efficient and effective pre-launch medical and scientific campaigns. With a focus on creating a harmonized approach across multiple channels externally as well as internal collaboration needed to develop and deliver on product launches, this program will provide a setting for information and knowledge exchange. Additional topics to be addressed will include evolving approaches with the payer community to support reimbursement, risk tolerance in compliant scientific exchange with healthcare professionals, as well as sequencing for global product launch.



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