MAY 3-4, 2018 | CAMBRIDGE, MA


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Constructing Timelines for Pre-Launch Medical Affairs Activities and Executing Campaigns Effectively to Increase Engagement across Multiple Stakeholders & Channels while Preparing for the Next Generation of Real-World Data to Support Patient Access

As stakeholders across the healthcare continuum of care continue to evolve in a time of dynamic changes to policy, payment coverage and medical needs, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology community are changing pre-launch strategies to engage the appropriate stakeholders in meaningful scientific dialogue to build support for new therapies throughout the industry. Challenges persist in an environment where priorities have shifted, responsibilities have changed, and timelines are in a continual state of flux, requiring an unprecedented level of flexibility in process and strategy in order to meet launch timelines and commercial goals. Medical affairs professionals are called upon to unify the scientific, medical and commercial message, engage with stakeholders throughout the spectrum of care, and deliver a timeline of pre-launch activities which ultimately support and ensure a successful product launch.

The Q1 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical & Biotech Medical Affairs Pre-Launch Conference will continue upon several years of successful professional industry education, providing executives with an opportunity to view launch timelines, programs and strategies of organizations that have successfully navigated multiple product launches. High level panel discussions, in-depth case studies of successful launch processes and workshops allowing for attendee engagement and learning will form the foundation of the meeting, while external stakeholders including private payers, healthcare providers and advocacy groups will complement the educational objectives, ensuring all stakeholder voices are integrated.


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