Life Science Stability Testing and Validation Conference

March 19-20, 2018 | Herndon, VA

Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Hotel

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Innovative approaches to product stability testing & validation that transcend product development lifecycles, recognizing & leveraging the impact of early-stage stability & climactic testing on active & excipient components on overall product safety & success

Throughout the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, manufacturers continue to develop and commercialize highly complex therapies, integrating innovative delivery methods and increasingly challenging formulations to meet the unmet medical needs of today’s populations. While pioneering products change lives around the world, ensuring the long-term stability of both final formulations as well as active and inactive ingredients remains a challenge for quality control executives, charged with testing and validating products under a wide variety of environmental scenarios. As organizations also look to streamline operating costs and reduce time to market, stability testing executives must consider the methods and tactics that can be utilized to integrate stability into early-stage product development as well as remain at the forefront of importance throughout the product lifecycle.

The Q1 Life Science Stability Testing and Validation Conference builds upon over a decade of experience in the life sciences industry, with a focus on educational programming for quality assurance, manufacturing and chemistry executives, to ensure a well-rounded and stakeholder driven platform. With presenters bringing decades of experience in testing and validation to the agenda, as well as varied internal processes including in-house as well as external testing, participants will gain insights into industry leading best practices. Focusing on the entire product lifecycle will also provide executives with considerations related to the impact of early-stage product development and climatic testing on the ultimate commercial and real-life utilization of products to ensure safe and effective therapies.


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